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Acquire high-quality users and boost brand visibility, or re-engage inactive users, maximizing the value of your app.

Through seamless tracking, we ensure precise monitoring of app installs and up to 4 post-install events, enabling a comprehensive understanding of user behavior, creating and managing user segments based on app interactions, wheter blocking existing users or targeting lookalikes.


    Drive traffic from mobile devices to physical stores
    and measure the impact of user actions.

    Sweet! Media is able to measure in-store visits in real-time, allowing brands to add real value to mobile campaigns, optimizing average spend and investment.

    • Target potential customers who are in the immediate vicinity of your store or those of your competitors and reach them with a personalized ad on their mobile devices..
    • Privacy-compliant location data helps advertisers analyze consumer behavior, optimize marketing campaigns, customize promotions, and improve the shopping experience.
    • Insights about users’ location make it possible to create relevant target groups and address them in the right place and at the right time.


    Deliver relevant ads to the right audience at the right time with minimum effort.

    Sync DOOH, CTV and mobile campaigns aligning your message across digital billboards, mobile devices and CTV environments thanks to: geotargeting, real-time data integration and cross-device tracking.

    • DOOH to Mobile + Drive To Store campaign
    • CTV to Mobile for a 360 Home presence
    • DOOH + CTV + Mobile:Β Storytelling



    Target users on their living room devices and synch campaigns across all household devices for an
    omnichannel experience.

    We hit the required cross-screen audience by synchronizing the delivery of ads on the CTV with the other devices in the home. In this way it is possible to work on storytelling, through retargeting the different devices, that gives real added value.

    • Almost 100% Video Completion
    • 24% Lower CPM with Household sync
    • 80% Engagement on other devices

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